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Recommendation for Matt Blau, restaurant

Matt Blau - master chef and restaurateur - has opened a remarkable new eatery appropriately called... 'EAT'. It's downstairs at the Castle (by the Broken Bridge) and worth the trip. We gladly walk the hour from OrdoƱez Lasso to experience his amazing lambburgers, meatloaf sandwiches and the best veggie Buddha Bowl we've ever had (and we hail from southern California) In our house the question is no longer: "When are we going to eat?" It's now "When are we going to 'EAT'"?

Super, ultra five-star recommendation

Full-transparency: we are not cousins or in-laws or have any ulterior motive other than drumming up business so that we can continue to enjoy this wonderful lunching/dining establishment for a long, long time.

So..... When are YOU going to EAT?

Address: At the Castle (by the Broken Bridge)

Contact information: 099 235 4567 / 098 772 0877

Recommended by Jeff Salz: