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Recommendation for Maria Fernanda Jaramillo Molina Movistar, phones

When I came to Ecuador last summer on a house hunting trip, I wanted to get an Ecuadorian phone. I speak very minimal, basic, Spanish, so was anxious about how well I would be able to communicate what I wanted. Plus, I am not at all savvy about tech or phones. I chose the large Movistar store on Bolivar near El Calderon, almost at random. The very nice security guard who was directing people to where they needed to go, obviously identified me as an English speaker, and immediately ushered me over to Maria.

Her English is very fluent. She took me under her wing, sold me the very basic phone I was looking for at that point without trying to convince me to buy a more expensive phone, came with me to pay, set up the phone for me, including installing the SIM card and making it 'speak' English, answered all my questions and told me that if I wanted to upgrade my phone, or anything else, to come see her when we moved her. All this for a $30 phone.

Our son gave us a new iPhone as a departing gift when we left Canada to move to Cuenca. We went along to find Maria to try to get set up with a plan. Notwithstanding that she seemed to have been promoted to an actual office and that we weren't buying a phone from her, she fixed us up with a plan that has worked very well for us. She also set up the SIM card and the basic things we needed on the phone. As I said, we are tech illiterates. This was our first smart phone of any kind.

A few weeks later our iPhone was stolen. Back we went to Maria. We didn't think she would be able to sell us an iPhone as everything on display in the store was Android. She was able to sell us an iPhone though, again, set it all up for us and even managed to keep our existing number.

I don't know how Movistar prices compare to the kinds of phones you see being sold in every tienda in Cuenca. I do know that having Maria with her excellent English, her patient, kind manner, the complete lack of any kind of selling pressure, her going above and beyond and taking however much time is needed, is worth any premium we may have paid. We feel like we found a treasure.

Address: Bolivar 7-55 y Luis Cordero, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 475 5978

Recommended by John Griffiths: