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Recommendation for Isa Ochoa, language training

One of the reasons my wife had a hard time persuading me to move to Cuenca was that I have always had difficulty with languages. I have a substantial hearing deficit and wear two hearing aids, which is an added level of difficulty. Once I agreed to come here though, I knew I needed to try, so I could achieve some minimal level of communication for occasions when my wife wasn't with me, plus get more from the Cuenca experience in general. My wife's Spanish is better than mine (i.e. better than non-existent) but still pretty basic. She was looking forward to improving her language skills. So, there were two of us with two different levels of proficiency and two different learning speeds. We thought about taking group lessons, but figured one or the other of us at least was bound to find it frustrating. Our new landlady told us that her niece teaches Spanish and that her school was only a few blocks away.

We decided to talk to Isa and see how we felt. We were impressed from the outset by her focus on our individual needs and learning styles. She suggested we take lessons separately so my wife wouldn't be held back by me, and I wouldn't feel frustrated by sharing the lesson with someone moving faster than me. We've been taking lessons from Isa now for about a month and it has been a complete pleasure for both of us. I have become completely engaged and am frankly surprised at how (comparatively) easy it is, and how fast I have progressed. Contrary to the ordeal of High School French, I am actually enjoying learning a new language. Amazing.

So if, like me, you are self-conscious and feel an utter fool when you try to speak Spanish, go and see Isa. She will never make you feel anything other than brilliant.

Address: Pio Bravo y General Torres, Cuenca

Contact information: 099 908 3688

Recommended by John Griffiths: