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Please help Patan Rescue

Patan Rescue Group currently operates in Cuenca, Ecuador. We started back in 2013 with one sweet little puppy (Patan) who we never thought would be the start to this great venture in saving the street dogs of Ecuador. In the past few years we have successfully rescued and adopted-out well over 100 dogs. Currently Patan Rescue is housing 48 dogs who are in need of loving homes. This past year has been particularly hard, we struggle every day to keep our dogs at the shelter fed and vetted. A few of our dogs need constant vet care. With lack of funding it is hard to give these dogs what they need and also makes it impossible to bring in more dogs who are in need of rescue.
Ecuador is a beautiful country but when it comes to pets, they are not a priority here.

Here in Ecuador, we are faced with a serious lack of funding to help the animals who we see every day lying in the street, abandoned, hungry, afraid, sick---. We and a few other rescues are making a difference but the animals keep coming. Unfortunately, we can’t do this alone and we are turning to the community for help. We have limited financial and physical resources –so we need help and the need is urgent.

Patan Rescue has moved 3 times over the past few years. This has been hard on us and our rescue dogs. We have finally found a place to call home. It is 45 minutes out of town. It is a huge property and we know our dogs will be happy there!! The property needs to be fenced in and there is electrical work that needs to be done. We are hoping to make this a safe place to home our rescue dogs and a comfortable place for volunteers and visitors such as potential adopters to visit.
Any donations will be helpful and appreciated!! Thank you for your help and for helping our dogs and the future dogs of Patan Rescue.

We need:

1. To fence in the property. The property is huge but we need an area to contain the dogs. We need to fence in at least one acre. The estimate that we received gave us a price of $6,000. We are hoping to not spend more than $5,000 on the fencing.

2. Deworm and give flea medication to all 48 of our dogs before they arrive on the new property. Due to lack of funding our dogs are well overdue for this. The cost is $25-$30 per dog depending on the size of the dog.

3. The cost of feeding 48 dogs per month is $1,200 or $40 per day. Our monthly costs are high and we barely get by as is. This gofundme was created to help us move our animals and make their new home a safe environment. We hope to have enough funding to move all of the dogs within the next month. We will post updates as they come. Thank you for your generous donations.

Thank you,

Patán and Friends

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City: Cuenca