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Last days for Nancy Thornton's Art Exhibition and Art Calendars

“Different Strokes” Exhibition at idiomART
Paintings, Drawings and Doodles

Last exhibition day is Friday, October 16.
Gallery hours: 10 AM to 3 PM

Also Wall Art Calendars are still available, as well as, mugs! All items feature Nancy's original artwork.

About Nancy Thornton (in her words) . . .

Growing up in the 50s, in a preacher’s family, in a small town, and in the Midwest meant living in an orderly, predictable world with restrictive rules and specific unbreakable guidelines.

I didn’t fit in.

The 60s came and, like so many other teens in the USA, I kicked against the confines of tradition. I challenged authority, broke rules, colored outside someone else’s lines and found I liked it. I proudly wore pink with red. I even wore white after Labor Day.

Doodling saved my sanity from the 70s through to the present. I drew during class to help stay focused. I created elaborate pen-and-ink designs on business meeting agendas—anything to help to stay awake. When the words of others—anywhere—got too much to handle, I sketched to relieve frustration and boredom.

Along the way, an insightful and amazing art instructor, Donna Pickens, informed me that doodling was my art. “Doodle away,” she encouraged.

And I have.

After 30-some years in advertising, I walked away from copywriting and the colorful world of advertising. At age 65, I packed it in and, along with my husband and teenage daughter, packed up eight suitcases and moved to Ecuador.

Today, I devote most of my time coloring, designing and doodling. No piece of paper, canvas, or bits of wood are safe from my markers, watercolors, oil paint pens, and acrylic paints.

I doodle, therefore I am.

When I cease to be, I plan to have paint pens tucked inside my casket to accompany me to the next life. Markers placed on my headstone will encourage passersby to stop and create their own spot of color.

idiomART Studio is located at 5-92 Manuel Vega y Juan Jaramillo, in el Centro. Friday, November 15, from 10 AM to 3 PM