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I offer medical services at home

How to buy card and use manual: The USEM medical services card can be purchased at your company or home with the visit of our representatives, or directly by the user at our main office located at Ricardo Muñoz and Juan Bautista Vásquez. Tel: (07) 288 3200.

Benefits of membership:
- USEM beneficiary card.
- First free home medical consultation with transfer or not in ambulance, and the following medical assistance or interurban transfers in unlimited ambulances with a $8 copay.
- Application of medication if necessary.
- Consultation of general medicine in private practice with a cost of $5.
- Home preventive assistance twice a year by appointment.
- Unlimited home laboratory tests (The cost of the blood test is paid directly to the laboratory).
- Differentiated cost consultations with our network of specialists.
- Discounts of up to 50% on beauty and reductive treatments at the WiLaser Cosmetic Center.
- Evaluation and regulation of the free PH - In Esthetic Center.
- A reductive session with free passive gymnastics - At Centro Estético.
- Consultations for phlebology (varicose veins) and vascular surgery in Centro de Varices AG at a cost of $ 10 and discounts in the vascular area up to 50%.
- Access to all additional benefits that are added to the network during the year of validity of your membership.

Cost of membership: By Family Plan up to 5 people $ 160 and by Individual plan $ 80, both valid for one year from the delivery of the card.
Forms of payment: Total or deferred initial payment by credit card.

How to use the card:
The service consists of pre-hospital medical care, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calling the Call Center on the emergency numbers: Tel. (07) 284 4444 / 099 289 4894; When there are health problems without vital risk but that require timely medical attention, be it at home, place of work or study, USEM will have the presence of a medical professional to evaluate, diagnose and stabilize the presented health problem, and / or transfer it to a hospital center at the beneficiary's or relatives' option.

The co-payment for medical attention or transfers will be made directly with the health personnel who will be assisting you.

To request a medical appointment with the specialist of your need, call the call center, or directly at the offices of USEM, you can request a shift for attention to low costs.

The person who answers your request will call you within 24 hours to inform you of the date and time of your medical appointment, in case of an emergency the referral with the specialist will be immediate.

The payment of the consultations to previous appointment will be made in the offices of USEM.

Ricardo Muñoz y Juan Bautista Vasquez.

Carlos Sarez:  099 289 4894