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Holistic rehabilitation/neural therapy

Does your body go out of alignment constantly or do you have ongoing muscle/joint aches and pains? I have been in Cuenca for close to a year and am happy to offer Integrated Holistic Rehabilitation Services. I offer rolfing, cupping, reflexology, neural therapy, and massage. I became a practitioner after these modalities helped me heal from serious injuries which included a pelvic fracture. I am fluent in English.

Rolfing is a form of bodywork that reorganizes the connective tissues or fascia and is aimed improve body alignment and functioning. If the underlying fascia is pulling your muscles/joints/bones into misalignment, then other forms of bodywork may provide relief however may not always be a long
-term solution. I am a certified Rolfing practitioner.

Neural therapy is a method of treating chronic pain that has been used in German speaking countries for over 100 years. It is believed to normalize illness related dysfunction of the nervous system.

I also offer cupping which is an alternative therapy that originated in China and is designed to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being and is a type of deep tissue massage. In addition, I am trained in reflexology (foot) which is a form of massage or gentle pressure on particular areas of the hands and feet that are said to correspond to specific muscle groups or organs and can relax the body, improve circulation, and support the function of the related body area. Of course, a relaxing massage is always available.

Edificio Amazona (Los Pinos y Ave Ordonez Lasso) in same office as Dr Duane (chiropractor).

Roosvelt Rojas: 099 927 8767