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Dished Up by Nat

Introducing.... Dished Up by Nat

Hi, my name is Natalie. My husband and I have been living in Cuenca for about 1 ½ yrs. now, I am from Australia and my husband is from New Zealand.

Cooking is a passion of mine and finally I have been able to start to pursue it, I love the enjoyment food brings people and expressions on people’s faces when they taste flavors that bring their taste buds alive.

Here I am presenting some delicious comforting treats on a journey of flavors from around the world.

Freshly made meals ready to warm up and enjoy or ready frozen means to enjoy on another occasion

Whether you are serving 1, 2 or a dinner party we will be happy to cater to your needs

Please enjoy perusing a menu we have to offer - hoping you start to salivate...

Menu – serves 1

--  Mum’s Recipe Beef Stroganoff -
served with bowtie pasta & Dukkha green string beans GFO*** $6.50

--  Indian inspired Butter Chicken -
served with rice, cucumber raita & “naan” GFO** $8

--  An old favorite Creamy Chicken Casserole -
served with creamy garlic mash, grilled Asparagus and corn on the cob GFO** $6.50

(also available in delicious puff pastry pie – family size $14 or personal size $3.50 - simply add your favorite sides)

--  Australian Gingered Beef Goulash -
served with almond rice pilaf, sautéed chard with garlic, bacon and roasted sesame seeds GF* $7

(also available in delicious puff pastry pie – family size $14 or personal size $3.50 - simply add your favorite sides)

--  Italian Gnocchi in a Creamy Tomato & Bacon Sauce –
served with a Green Salad GFO** $7.50

--  World Favorite Meatloaf in a BBQ sauce -
served with Asian Fennel Slaw & roasted potato salad GFO** $6

-- Hungarian Style Paprika Chicken -
served with creamy risoni pasta & sautéed cabbage GFO** $7.50

-- Thai Red Curry containing peas, carrots, red pepper & broccoli –
served with rice (Chicken/Fish) GF* $6.50/$7.50

-- An infusion from New Zealand/Australia Tuna Mornay -
served with rice & Salad consisting of lettuce, grated carrot, radish, red onion, alfalfa completed with a lemon dressing GFO** $5.50

* GF - Gluten Free
** GFO - Gluten Free Option for $1 extra

We hope you enjoyed reviewing this menu and we are ready to start taking your orders now, either through whatsapp or send us an email

Delivery to local Cuenca area $ 2

Free delivery for orders over $25 (local Cuenca area)
(delivery for outer areas available upon agreement or pickup by arrangement is also an option)

For deliveries Monday afternoon, please place your order by 5 PM Sunday and for deliveries Thursday afternoon, please place your order by 5 PM Wednesday

Orders outside these days can be made by arrangement

Loyalty Program: Buy 10 meals get 1 free of your choice

Instagram: dishedupbynat

Delivery Monday and Thursday afternoons, Cuenca

Natalie McNeill: 099 579 2357 or Whatsapp: +6 142 400 4900