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What is grounding? #9

Blackberry Electric performs grounding inspection at your property free of charge, we acknowledge there is a problem in Ecuador regarding the installation of grounding either residential, commercial and industrial.

We conducted some investigations regarding this issue and found to our amazement that although there are numerous polytechnic universities here in Ecuador, the electric code is not available to everyone as common sense dictates. However there are a few professional associations called “Colegios.” There is one in Azuay another in Guayas and so forth. There is one also in Quito called “Colegio de Ingenieros Electricos y Electronicos de Pichincha.” Here is the link: If you scroll to the bottom you will find the links mentioned here. One of the publications is a relic dated 1973 called “Codigo Electrico Ecuatoriano” Here is the link: 
I placed a phone call to ask them if they have access to the latest electric code publication and the answer was: "The electric code has not changed and is current", grounding installations were introduced in 1962 by USA NEC. Maybe she is right. They do have something more modern as well dated 2013 called: NEC “Norma Ecuatoriana de Construccion, capitulo 15, Instalaciones Electromecanicas”. To make electrical installations we can follow this publication after all updates only happens to certain articles not the entire electrical code here is the link:

Page 68 chapter 15.1.10 titled “Sistemas de puestas a Tierra” deals with all matters regarding grounding installations.

If you are interested in reading about grounding systems published in the USA NEC here is the link:

Just go ahead and register.  It is free. The NEC will be available in pdf for your review. Page 106, Article 250 will be all about grounding systems.

To conclude, we can see a problem, if the electrician does not have access to current electrical codes and regulations or a means to get the latest information in this field, to get it and to enforce it is a nightmare.

In our next installment we'll be talking about how many electrical outlets can be connected to a single breaker and what can we do if the load installed exceeds the capacity? What are the dangers? etc.

If you are interested in building in your empty lot please contact us. We guarantee to finish building your house in less than 3 months once all permits have been approved.

We'll be talking about grounding issues in a seminar taking place in Joe's Secret Garden on October 11, 6 PM. To reserve call Kent Mills at 096 994 1855 his email:

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