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Therapeutic pads for sale

Available therapeutic pads ... Two presentations: the facial and the multipurpose. Made with carefully selected seeds and medicinal herbs, they combine two natural therapies: thermotherapy, which is an excellent way to treat pain and tension through the use of heat or cold; and aromatherapy, which is the mixture of delicious aromas that provide a quick recovery and relaxation.

Applications: back pains (cervical, lumbar, dorsal) menstrual pains, colics, torticollis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, sciatica, in general for any pain and muscle tension, to combat the cold; bruises and bumps, muscle inflammation, headaches and migraines, stress, fatigue and fever, insomnia.
100% natural and organic.
100% handmade
Easy to use and recommended for the whole family since it has no side effects.
You cannot miss in your home.
Order them separately or in a combo and enjoy the benefits of nature.
Facial $12
Multipurpose $22
Facial + multipurpose $30

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City: Cuenca