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Recommendation for Vino Van Gogh, art classes

I'm an unabashed Cuenca lover. I've been here 7-plus years and I've had so much fun. By far the single best experience I have had is participating in Amelia Earl's Vino & Van Gogh art classes held every other Thursday evening from 5 PM at the charming San Sebas Cafe on Parque San Sebastian. For $29 you get a glass of wine, a fresh canvas, acrylic paints/brushes, an inspiring theme and instruction and support by the irrepressible Amelia and the fabulous art posse that she has catalyzed. And there's room for more.

I had no idea I could paint. Never tried. I didn't even go to these classes at first, believing I couldn't do that. But about a year ago I decided to try to interpret Monet's Venice, an impressionistic masterpiece. To my astonishment, I did it! And, so did everyone else in the class. All different. All good. So exciting. To date I have done 10 paintings from an alpaca, peacock, and blue-footed booby to interpretations of Monet, Van Gogh, and Picasso.

You can do it too. I believe without exception everyone can paint. We all have an artistic soul and expressing it is fun, fulfilling, and even therapeutic. And it's a great group of groovy people. Do yourself a huge favor and give t a try.

Address: San Sebastian 1-94 y Mariscal Sucre, Cuenca

Contact information:  07 284 3496

Recommended by Jan Hunsinger: 098 015 806