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Recommendation for Ta' Lico, authentic Chinese restaurant

Last night my wife and I had an amazing meal at Ta' Lico restaurant. The owners were very outgoing and seemed sympathetic that we did not want a few vegetables and some meat with lots of rice. They also heard us talk about wanting some vegetable dishes and brought over a separate page of vegetarian dishes. Because we like Chinese leftovers we ordered the mushrooms with vegetables, General Tso's chicken and double cooked pork. We were asked if we wanted rice and after saying yes, they brought us small bowls of rice. The mushrooms with vegetables were sauteed in a light sauce and the vegetables were still crispy, which is always a plus for us. At some point I hope that they might find a source for shitakes or some more flavorful and healthful mushrooms to use. The dish had large slices of gently sauteed garlic which I devoured and the vegetables were perfectly cooked.

The twice cooked pork had a mildly hot Sezchuan flavor that my wife enjoyed. I would not have minded it being a little hotter; next time perhaps. The pork was thinly sliced and was slightly chewy which I did not mind at all and the large amount of green onions was perfect.

The General Tso's chicken had lots of large chunks of hot red peppers to give their heat and the sweetness was perfect. I find some versions of American Chinese sweet dishes to be over the top. The chicken was very tender and the dish was lovely.

A lovely surprise was the bamboo chop sticks which the owners brought from China that came in their own fabric versions of the paper wrappers that you get in most Chinese restaurants.

I hope that this review has encouraged you to give Ta' Lico a try as you will not be disappointed if their kitchen is spot on. Also, do ask about the restaurant name; it made us laugh.

Address: Ordonez Lasso 6-117 y Los Olivos

Contact information:  099 114 0201

Recommended by Mike Turner: