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Recommendation for Professor Antonio, Spanish School

I am very pleased to recommend Prof. Antonio of CCNations as a wonderful Spanish teacher here in Cuenca. I have been taking private lessons from Antonio for the past four weeks now and I continue to look forward to each new class with him. I am a naturally inquisitive individual and I like to ask lots of questions. I have previously taken group classes elsewhere but would come home frustrated, because I would rarely get the opportunity to have more than a few of my questions answered. The concepts I needed to understand were being left as a mystery to me. This is not the case with Prof. Antonio. He is an amazingly patient teacher and he is also very flexible. He always allows me to focus or redirect my private lesson toward the things I would like to learn. When I first met with Antonio, he spent an hour with me free of charge, assessing my incoming Spanish abilities. Each subsequent class has been based on working from my current level and helping me improve. I really like the fact that he always types out our conversation on his computer screen AS we are talking. I am a very visual learner and when I can also see on his screen what we are discussing, it really reinforces the entire learning process. This also means I do not need to take notes but can concentrate on the speaking/listening aspects of the learning process. When I get home, the notes which Antonio created during our class are waiting for me in my email inbox. Now how cool is that! I can go back over everything we talked about in class as a review, at my leisure.

Address: 16-63 Mariscal Lamar, Cuenca

Contact information: 097 916 1784

Recommended by Blake Weatherhead: