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Recommendation for Madeleine Gonzalez Mensch, general insurance agent

My husband and I arrived in Cuenca 1 1/2 months ago ready to establish our new life as retirees. We received our visas and needed to set up health insurance so we can get our cedulas. Luckily, we were referred to Madeleine (Mady) Gonzalez Mensch, a general insurance agent. She was knowledgeable about many different options, from different private insurance plans to IESS. Not only did she help us make the right choice for ourselves, but she also provides an almost concierge like service to her clients. For example, when I came down with a throat infection before our insurance was finalized, she arranged for a house call within 30 minutes from a great doctor. She suggested we list her as "in case of emergency" in our phones, as she wants to be our first go to when we have health needs or issues. She also offers her wonderful customized personal services for all types of insurance, from health and life to property protection. She is always on call 24/7, grew up in Miami and speaks English. I can't recommend her highly enough and like her last name, she is truly a "mensch."

Contact information: 098 630 4185

Recommended by Nina Sazer ODonnell: