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Recommendation for Leonardo Mocha, wizard tailor

There's a wizard among us. Leonardo Mocha - tailor.

My everyday khakis - several pair - were wearing out. I went online to order replacements only to discover the seller had changed the fabric and design, which had generated a lot of reviews from former buyers saying the new design sucked.

But one of their main competitors had a design that looked promising. The reviews said the leg-length ran short...order a length larger than usual. I did - two pair. When they arrived, I was generally pleased with their "potential", but the legs were too long, the rise too short, and the front pockets too shallow to secure wallets and smartphones from the pick-pocketers or from inadvertently sliding out in a taxi. A call to Leonard was in order.

He shortened the legs to a perfect length, used excess material from the cuff to create more room in the crotch (it looked like a commercial garment factory did it), and increased the pocket depth about 50% Everything was perfect and the cost for both pair was slightly more than almuerzo for two.

Leonardo came to my home (At the appointed time) and made the measurements, returned in four days (At the appointed time) to deliver the altered pants, and when, between us, we didn't have the right change to pay his charge, he said, "Catch me later...I'm in the neighborhood all the time."

The best part for you big expats who have discovered that you can't find clothes that fit in Cuenca is that Leonard will take you to the fabric store to have you pick out the fabric(s) you want, then create clothes that fit you perfectly for *very reasonable prices*. Shirts, pants, casual jackets, sport coats...whatever. Or, if you've lost weight, Leonardo can salvage the clothes you brought with you to Ecuador with wizard alterations.

His English is perfect, and he's one of the most gracious gentlemen you could ever want to meet.

He's a definite must to put on your Cuenca "secret weapons" list.

Address: Avenida Ricardo Duran (the road to Banos)

Contact information: 098 508 9546

Recommended by Terry Roberts: