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Real-translation services (English-Spanish)

Hi! My name is Javier Vanegas. I've been a freelance translator since 3 years ago. Although I have mostly worked online, I have a few seasons I open up my work for the local market. This time, I believe I'll open my business here permanently.

I am more than capable of translating documents from a great variety of nature. ID's, licenses, lawsuits, incorporation documents, business proposals, medical history, or even personal letters. I translate documents from English to Spanish and Vice versa.

I have always worked with a very strict code of confidentiality, and if you feel your information requires it, we can make a contract to uphold it.

I can also as a separate service have a colleague with an official translator's seal. This is generally not required for most documentation, but if for any reason you need it, I can have my colleague provide her signature for an affordable fee.

For general documents I chare a $5 price per page. But, for the first 5 people to contact me this week, I will give a 50% discount. (I will only apply the discount if I receive the document scanned by e-mail). (Special forms with heavy boxes and checkboxes formatting do not enter in the "general document" category. e.g. Many medical reports, tax declarations, etc.)

I will charge a $5 extra fee for personal pick-up and delivery of physical documents (Fee for both trips, and applicable only within Canton Cuenca's jurisdiction).

For long documents, books, or texts, or a bundle of documents for translations, there will be discounts. Send your proposal for an estimate.

Most single documents will be done within a 48-hour period and if there is to be a physical delivery, it will take up to 60 hours. Express translation for single or simple documents will be done within a 24-hour period, doubling its cost.

Feel free to contact me through WhatsApp, cellphone or e-mail.

Happy business,

Juan Strobbel W/O #, and Antonio Neumane, Miraflores, Cuenca. 8 AM to 8 PM. Monday to Saturday.

Javier Vanegas: 098 954 6281