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Puzzle trade

I am pretty sure that doing 1,000 piece cat puzzles is the newest, coolest thing around that all of the young kids are doing and Snapchatting all about. That said, I want to make it known we were doing 1,000 (and occasionally 750 piece when we were lazy) cat puzzles before it was cool.

We just finished this masterpiece (see picture) and yeah, I admit it wasn't the hardest puzzle we've ever done: there were multiple cats in different colors, the books were all different colors as well, and the puzzle piece shapes were varied (not like those crazy ones with all the same shape for the whole puzzle - that's just loco!) I'll be honest, we haven't done a puzzle in a while and we were easing back in when I bought this bad boy and brought it home from the US. I thought it would stoke our 1,000 piece cat puzzle fire and I was not wrong. Oh, that fire is stoked.

So, we'd like to pass this on this gem to someone who really likes puzzles (Though, honestly who doesn't?) in exchange for one you've done and don't plan to do again. It's like wearing the same dress to a party with the same people. Who would do that? This puzzle has been solved, enjoyed, however... it is now dead to us because we never do a puzzle twice (or wear the same dress, period. Ever.)

It doesn't have to be a 1,000 piece cat puzzle (though it wouldn't hurt) so who wants to trade one of their puzzles for this fabulous piece by (and can you get any more normcore than this?) the Vermont Christmas Company? Get in touch if so.

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City: Cuenca