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OM Healing Center in Cuenca

Alternative and complementary medicine in Cuenca. Quantum medicine-magnetic resonance- biofeedback. Homeopathy, supplementation, psychotherapy. nutrition and other holistic therapies.
Dr. Hugo Alvarez Toral of "OM Healing Center" invites you to a new alternative to treat any health condition. Our emphasis is on causality. Once the cause is established, then we can provide you with a holistic protocol and psychological help to help you solve your causative factors. For example, most of us have unresolved psycho-emotional traumas since childhood and we think that one day they will leave. But this is not the case. These problems are there, and causing a series of psychological imbalances. These problems, over time are somatized and then end in chronic and irreversible conditions.

Allopathic or conventional medicine tries to deal only with the physical symptoms of the moment. "The absence of symptoms does not indicate absence of disease". My approach goes much further. Through our individualized therapies, we help you solve the cause of conflicts to restore your health, to live a healthy life which we were destined to live.

Av. Paucarbamba 5-16 y Tomillos..

Hugo Alvarez Toral:  099 963 1202 / 409 8478