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Looking for so many things

Hello, I need some advice. I’m 70, legally blind and travel with Inti, my guide and emotional support animal. Maybe you’ve seen use wandering around El Centro. I’m having a very difficult time from security guards and taxis. At Mall del Rio, yesterday I went to look around and shop. As soon as I entered two security guards approached me, one on either side of me. I showed them the document that I was legally blind and they kept saying my pet couldn’t come in the mall. I’ve run into this situation way too many times. The guard on my right put his hands on my shoulder, milked to move me out the door. I walked away into the mall and ten feet later there are now three guards yelling at me saying I couldn’t walk in the mall with my pet. I tried to explain about my disability, but it was talking to a wall.

I walked away towards a store. The guards followed me like I was a criminal, as now there are four guards and a 70-year old blind man. The guard put his hand on my shoulder again and I pushed his hand away and told them not to touch me. Now I’m there for 15 minutes and I just kept walking into the store. They tried to block me from entering but I pushed my way in. Now there is a swarm of guards talking to each other. I work with a woman who brings me pants to try on. As I was headed into the changing area, a guard starts to follow me in and I just couldn’t take any more. I have the same problem catching a taxi. As soon as they see Inti they pass me by. More than 50% of the taxis won’t stop or let me in. Please, this could be a deal breaker for me to retire here as planned. To withstand the harassment from guards in stores, taxis, etc. I can’t imagine living here under this duress. Any suggestions are welcome.

Looking for a doggie day care or someone who wants a play date with Inti. He’s 2-yrs old, very intelligent, caring and well trained. But he also needs friends to play with. Or if someone can recommend a licensed doggie day care, I’d really appreciate it.

Lastly, I’m looking to meet people in the LGBTOQ Community and hopefully finds friends, just like Inti. Thanks to all of you who have suggestions for me.

Brian: 09 800 3717. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca