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Last call for Art Rocks

Join dozens of other artists and be part of idiomART's One-Year Anniversary Auction, Exhibit and Fundraiser on Tuesday, October 23rd, from 4 to 7 PM.

Because the creative community in Cuenca is the rock on which idiomART depends for its foundation, strength, and longevity, we will celebrate our one-year anniversary with an auction of Art Rocks. We hope this event will raise some of the funds we need to grow during our second year.

Thus, we’re challenging local artists to paint, sculpt, or otherwise transform rocks that have been tumbled and smoothed by one of Cuenca’s four rivers. We’ll auction these art objects as sculptures, door stops, bookends, paper weights, and garden markers.

We will be setting up the exhibition prior to the fundraiser event on October 23rd. Our event will also include music, food and a cash bar. Prior to the physical exhibition we also have an online auction gallery to bid -- up to the night of the 22nd.

Submission details:

Up to 3 distinct Art Rocks per artist (some pieces, like a sculpture may include more than one rock, but it will be considered as one submission). Submission fee (covers the promotional and exhibition costs) is $5. Auction proceeds go to support idiomART in the coming year.

Each submission includes an image, title, size, artist bio, any links to artist website, etc. and any other info. desired.

Art Rocks can be submitted from now until Friday, October 19th. The sooner the submission -- the sooner it will be added to the auction gallery.

idiomART depends on you, on the community that you are an essential part of. Thank you for rocking idiomART's corner of el Centro by joining this art initiative.

Go to this link for the Rock Art Auction Gallery:

For more information, email us.

Thank you.

idiomART Studio is newly located at Presidente Cordova 1-77 y Manuel Vega in el Centro. Rock Submission Deadline is Friday, October 19th