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Is anyone listening?

Yesterday I went to the cross walk at Palermo to go to Oro Verde coffee shop for dinner bread I like. But I didn't see traffic coming on the Palermo side because there is a tall bush at the cross walk. I dangerously leaned out into the street to see if the light was red or green at CruzAzul and if cars were coming. When it looked clear I had to step down quickly off the grass with dog droppings and a high curb and rush to jump up the median to steady myself before I ran across the other side of the street. But we didn’t know when cars could come from side avenues like Av. Cypress, Olive or others, with the light being red at Riverview.
When I steadied myself on the median I waited for traffic to clear on the other side of the street, then jumped down and rushed across, and almost fall in a big hole in the sidewalk on that side. After the high street curb I could not see it and the sidewalk.

The plants put in the median when the good street was replaced, were pulled up this past week and many different ones replaced them. It is not new plants that are needed but open medians for us; posted, enforced speed limits, traffic to stop at cross walks for us. Fast drivers don't stop. They blow the horns at us to all get out of the way.

Is anyone listening in the Mayor's office?

700 people signed petitions months ago. We asked that something be done for the fellow who was killed as he tried to step up at the median, and to save the lives of all of us: expats and Ecuadorians all over Cuenca.

Ex-pats please don't write mean sayings here. Watch for your families if they get hit while trying to cross Ordonez Lasso and other streets. This is our neighborhood. Thousands are living here. We didn't ask for a landscaped, high-speed way.