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In need of a speech therapist & psychotherapist

Please take the time to read this…

I really need help from a speech therapist and psychologist. Only 30 years old, my maid Maria, had a devastating stroke. It happened on May 6 and resulted in complete paralysis of the right side of her body. She has a 2-year-old little boy named Dilan. She can speak a few words. It’s so sad, she cannot say Dilan…so she calls him Paul. Maria is suicidal.

Maria was different from many maids She chose independence from her family…renting an apartment for herself and Dilan. She had worked for me for about 2 years before this happened. Dilan was just a baby. She was a hard worker. She never asked for money as many do. She was raising Dilan to grow up and be a good man, husband and father. Teaching him to respect women and others. Dilan was about 1 ½ years old. The child sat properly at the table and ate respectfully. He was never in a high chair. She also ensured he ate well. He could only have 2 juice boxes at my house…then just water. Rarely some Coke.

She was at home (Giron) when this happened. Now Maria lives with and depends on her family members. They let Dilan have as much Coke and juice as he wants. Maria cannot speak, but you know she is so frustrated. Dilan has become a brat (for lack of other words). The worst is that she is now slapping Dilan. I stopped her and she just cried. She’s so angry…which is why I believe psychotherapy would help.

Physical therapy is covered (see the pictures).. I believe if she receives speech therapy along with psychotherapy…it would help her tremendously.

Please put yourself in Maria’s shoes…what would your needs be in a situation like this?

Thank you,

Laura: .

City: Cuenca