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El Dorado International Freight Forwarder, import from US and China

El Dorado International Freight Forwarder
Keep It simple. Please contact us in our Website online chat 24/7

#1 Freight forwarder in Ecuador

Free home delivery (T&C may apply.)

No restrictions (T&C may apply.)

No limits  (T&C may apply.)

Fastest in the business

Bilingual company

General Insurance policies for your orders

We accept any Major US, CND credit card, PayPal, US or EC bank transfer.

South America Express Shipping Services

• Postal

• Regular

• Prime

• Monthly plans from $175

El Dorado Shipping is part of a multinational freight forwarder company located in the United States.
We are the only company that has it all in one place. Customs Agents, Tracking ID for your orders, profile sign up, door to door service, online chat & support, insurance, documentation and many more.

This is a door to door service. Includes Free home delivery for subscribed cities. You must ask for a quote before placing an order, contact us in the online chat or sending an email.

Express shipping from the US to South America

Postal service
$29.99 all Included
Mia – Ecu 3 / 5 days to arrive
Letters, credit/debit cards, all kind of documents.

Prime service

Cost per pound from $18 to $25 ask for a quote
All included (taxes, duties, customs fees.) one time payment
Daily flights MIA – GYE / GYE – MIA
Mia – Ecu 8/10 days to arrive in Ecuador
Lbs $
1 – 5 = $25
6 – 15 = $24
16 – 27 = $23
28 – 39 = $22

Chemical fertilizers, herbicides
Live animals
Leather and reptile skin
Plants and flowers
Products from restricted countries
Flammable products
Used vehicle spare parts
Clothing and footwear used

Regular service

Taxes not included / Cost per pound from $10 to $15
*ask for a quote before placing an order
Mia – Ecu 2 / 3 weeks to arrive in the port

Custom taxes for regular service may depend on weight and product. This cost is regulated by Ecuadorian customs and is not included in the final cost per pound.
Regular service is only for packages from 4kg +.

Lbs $

8 – 18 = $15
18 – 28 = $14
28 – 38 = $13
38 – 48 = $12

Chemical Fertilizers, Herbicides
Live animals
Weapons in General
Orthopedic Articles
Used articles
Medical items and equipment
Leather and reptile skin
Ammunition, Bullets and Accessories for weapons
Objects of Antiquity
Plants and flowers
Products from Restricted Countries
Flammable Products
Used vehicle spare parts
Clothing and Footwear Used
Seeds, Grains
Vitamins, Supplements

All services

Personal courier

We offer the best rates for consumers just like you ! Don’t worry about customs procedures and contacting an agent. just shoot us an email.

Express shipments

El Dorado offers guaranteed delivery services with defined transit times and days worldwide depending on the destination of the shipment. You can ship anywhere in the world up to 20 kilos.

Us store pick up (Only Miami)

We can get your stuff from any store in Miami. for a convenient price you will be sure you are receiving the best price on the market.

Import from China directly to South America, Colombia, Peru and many more… Contact us about our rates and how we can get your purchases from China. If you need a translator we have you covered.

Customs procedures

Customs procedures are all set requirements for the transport of goods from one country to another. We offer advice for processing or obtaining certificates with different institutions like OAE, CONSEP, MIPRO, COMEX, SENAE, INEN. Customs agents and nationalization of goods.

General insurance policies

Goods insurance is intended to cover possible damage suffered by them during their transportation, as long as they go properly packaged or packaged according to their nature. According to the medium in which you transport your goods, we offer you two types of insurance: 1) Freight Shipping. 2) Air Freight

National Cargo Transport Ec

We are a logistics services company focused on transport and general cargo services Shuttle service offer massive and semi-massive company for cargo containers and bulk cargo. fast parcel transport, removals and transfers.

Armed Custody

Customized armed custody We have highly qualified and experienced security personnel to transport your cargo safely to your destination. Passive Armed Custody ​ Security personnel authorized by the competent authorities to travel in the cabin and guard their cargo without any problem.

International Freight Air / Sea

El Dorado offers its services to transport all types of cargo. International Aerial services We have a complete structure of warehouses, storage systems and coordination of withdrawals. In addition, we have a rigorous logistics service for each order, will consolidate cargo to import an d export. International shipping services El Dorado provides everything you need in cargo shipping to major ports around the world. We have solutions designed to suit your needs and budgets, all of which vary according to the trans it time, size parameters or load requirements, among other variants. We also offer cargo consolidation services for imports and exports A wide variety and types of freight containers FCL (full container load). online shoppin g online shopping websites

Temporary Warehousing

El Dorado has more than 2,500m2 of warehouses new generation capable of meeting the strictest quality and safety requirements. Open businesses are forced to pay a high fixed cost for a store that is generally underused. To solve this problem a plan flexible long-term storage was established. This plan is ideal for continuing operations of varying volumes. In this plan, the customer pays only for the occupied space (m2), converting a fixed cost into a variable cost, thus optimizing logistics costs. Quito Norte: 700 m2 Quito Valles: 700 m2 Guayaquil: 1200 m2

Courier Miami Ecuador

The Courier service is characterized by having the speed, security, specialization and personalization of the services valued in the process and execution of the delivery. The Courier service operates under the premium standard in postal or parcel services, which is used by companies that consider the transport of their shipments of great importance justifying the cost to pay for the service. The Courier service is addressed not only to the general public, but also to financial institutions, state institutions and private entities that want to send quickly and safely; and those who look for a Courier company 100% quality service and effectiveness in their functions.

Textile Labeling

El Dorado is a company with experience in the product labeling service. We are your guide to comply with the current regulations applicable to the commercialization of products in Ecuadorian territory; We support your business operations from the creation of the label to the final labeling of your product and its subsequent import and nationalization in Ecuador. The Ecuadorian Law 2007-76 states that prior to the commercialization of national and imported products, the compliance of the product with the technical regulations must be demonstrated, applicable through a certificate of conformity issued by an accredited certification body. Article 16 of Resolution 010-2009 of the National Quality Council of Ecuador establishes the obligation to demand the Certificate of Recognition, (Form INEN 1), for the importation of “Textiles, clothing, footwear and related accessories”. This Certificate demonstrates that the batch of products selected in it, meets the requirements demanded in Ecuador for these products.


5% off when paying with American Express in orders from $200+ (First Time Customers)

Check out our Fly back home program For Ecuadorians or anybody moving from the US to Ecuador


How to order

1. Place order to your name and send it to our address
2. Miami Arrival
3. Consolidation / Total Weight
4. Payment
5. Shipping
6. Arrival
7. Delivery

What do we need once the order is made?

• Tracking Number
• US carrier company name
• Original Invoices (Pdf or Email)
• Subscription form

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