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Ecuadorian popular cantata "Boletín y Elegía de las Mitas"

Uniting efforts, the House of Culture Nucleus of Azuay, the National Ballet of Ecuador, the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Cuenca and the Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca, present the Ecuadorian Cantata Popular "Boletín y Elegía de las Mitas", composition of Edgar Palaces on the poem by César Dávila Andrade. The work of the poet, commemorates the centenary of his birth. This event has the participation of lyric singers Vanessa Regalado, Vanessa Freire, Alex Rodriguez, Andrés Pineda and the choirs of the José María Rodríguez Conservatory and the University of Azuay led by María Eugenia Arias will be held on Wednesday 10, Thursday 11th and Friday, October 12th, at 8 PM at the Carlos Cueva Tamariz Theater with free admission.

Rubén Guarderas began his dance studies in 1965 in the Ballet Ecuatoriano Folklórico; he completed his studies in Chile. During his university days, he joined the Chamber Ballet of the University of Chile and the Chilean National Ballet. After his studies he returned to Ecuador and achieved, the creation of the National Dance Institute, in 1974; two years later, in 1976, together with several dancers from the country, he formed the National Dance Company. In 1980, he managed to start what would be, the Ecuadorian Chamber Ballet, with the purpose of strengthening the dance institution in the country, in 2010 he promoted the formation of the National Ballet of Ecuador; finally in 2004 he created the Metrodanza Arts College.

Edgar Palacios. Outstanding Lojano musician, with a long career. He completed his degree in the city of Loja and later specialized in the execution of the trumpet in Romania and Paris. Upon his return to Loja, he dedicated himself to disseminate music as a teacher and interpreter, this year celebrates his 50th professional anniversary.

Michael Meissner was born in Germany and then settled in Mexico for 25 years where he made music his principal activity. He has been in charge of 40 orchestras in Latin America and Europe. He is a career violinist. He is currently director of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra.

Freddy Tacuri is a professional dancer and teacher of the Metropolitan School of Dance. He is a member of the National Ballet of Ecuador. He is currently the coordinator of the Urban Ballet.

María Eugenia Arias is the driving force behind several generations of choral technique at the "José María Rodríguez" Conservatory, where she is a teacher and choir director. She is also founder and director of the Polyphonic Choir of the Universidad del Azuay.

Synopsis. "Dancing strong, with intense percussion and from the end of the first song goes the lament, of rage, anger and rebellion, in the midst of which cosmogonic exclamations are produced (Oh, Pachacámac) and the versification narrates the activities of the mitayos: barren, carmenan, weave, weed, spin, are in the mines, and in agriculture, without eating, without loving; their women are forced to become intimate with the invaders, generating miscegenation. They no longer own their names, they have been mutated by strangers: Melchior, Marcos, José, Lucas, Roque. The Christ is not their Christ, he is Pachacámac, Lord of the Universe, who is absent and is present when he returns, claiming that all the land that was taken from him is his. Then he makes memories by announcing his return and returns to his homeland, leaving behind the elegiac tone and shining other chords, very jubilant of a people that returns from suffering and death, in search of their lost identity during centuries of vassalage and oppression, exclaiming We are! We will be! I am!".

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