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Desperate in Ecuador - treatment of psoriasis

I am currently in Ecuador, I have been traveling through Central and South America for a while now, and with the climates always changing, my diet inconsistent, all these factors have made living with psoriasis a bit of a nightmare. It got really bad in Costa Rica. I hadn't seen it so bad in years, maybe since I was little. You forget what it’s like and how uncomfortable it is. I tried different oils, coconut always, copaieba oil, whatever. It all works too slowly and I can't cover my whole scalp comfortably as much as I need to.

Anyway at home I use the gel shampoo, Neutrogena. It’s the only thing that has worked over the years for me. They don't sell it here in South America. So, my request is that if anybody out there happens to be traveling to South America, preferably Ecuador, if it is soon, but Peru could work too, and if they know the struggles and can sympathize, I would be eternally grateful if you could bring a bottle. I saw a post earlier in my research and people were offering. So I thought I might try my luck asking.

I hope to hear a response, or if you know any other treatments here in Ecuador that actually work and don't cost $100, please let me know.

Claire: erialc.louise.laing .

City: Quito (capital)