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Chifa Zhong Hua comidas tradicional China

We offer Chinese food every day, including the following categories: rice, noodles, soup, spring rolls, chaotic dishes, vegetarian dishes, etc. We also have some foods with Chinese characteristics, but we need to make an appointment one day in advance: cucumber salad, eggplant, roast duck, Cantonese lamb, Cantonese chicken, Chinese sausage fried rice, sausage, steamed fish, spiced chicken chops, Sichuan spicy fish, Sichuan spicy beef , spicy beans, gong bang chicken, etc., or you have Chinese food you want to eat, you can also place an order with us, we will try our best to provide you with the best service, more information about our store, visit us Facebook website, we also have our contact information on Google Maps. The address of our restaurant is av.

Huayna Capac 7-64 Eloy Alfalo, ciudad Cuenca. Our business hours are from 11 AM to 10 PM.

Chan:  098 751 3786