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Anyone interested in forming an intentional community?

Have you lived in intentional community? I am looking for a group of positive mid-life to older healthy folks, men and women, families and maybe kids older than 5-6 years old - to discuss the positives and negatives of either buying a property or renting one together, in a less urban area than central Cuenca, near bus and other transport --where a garden/open space is possible, for example and people can have a small pet they enjoy.

This last sentence is too long but maybe you get the idea. Many know these communities have been flourishing in Northern Europe and I am familiar with the concept for several years in more rural parts of my state of Oregon and Vermont. In Ecuador I have lived in sharing space in Cuenca and Quito for more than 6 years. It is fun and mutually advantageous for many. When people want to live together in mutual understanding, to save money, often adopting a simpler lifestyle, etc. it may require a stretch for some but is quite natural for others more used to sharing space and understanding concepts like " sharing community ". It can build good social understanding as well as often better health and longevity..

So, growing these communities, in my experience, is part education, part making sensible, sound agreements and having like-minded adults who respect others and have no particular political agenda, etc. If you are interested, whatsapp me in Quito – 093 949 9018 - Ask your friends and let's talk,

Susan:  593 093 949 9018. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Quito (capital)