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September Art Show at CVA, Eduardo Moscoso

Ecuadorian artist Eduardo Moscoso is showing through Sept. 21. This is a unique artistic vision incorporating symbolism and myths of the Shuar people of Southern Ecuador. Stop by to see this special show.

Eduardo Moscoso was born amidst the jungle in the small Shuar community of Pananza in Morona Santiago, Ecuador, on July 29, 1964. His life in the Amazon region and his connection to nature and the life-giving forces are the basis for much of his work. He informs us that NunKui, the forest Goddess he portrays with wings and flowers, has been wounded. Arutam, Zizi, and Iwa are depicted in his works — offering abundance, fertility, and warrior strength. Arutam is not only nature, but also the ultimate deity of the ancestral Shuar community. Life and death are interwoven with liberation, sexuality and mortality in his bold expressions.

From the Amazon, Moscoso traveled to Cuenca to study Fine Arts in the school Remigio Crespo Toral at the University of Cuenca. After finishing the curriculum, he taught sculpture at the University and presented several individual and collective expositions. He has traveled and exhibited in Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, Luxemburg and Belgium. His work now includes drawings, paintings, sculptures, and tattoo art.

Moscoso returned to Cuenca where he created and still directs “Prohibido Cultural Center” located in the El Vado neighborhood on Peatonal La Condamine 12-102. He specializes in supporting underground cultures. He also performs other cultural promotion activities.

Moscoso now rarely exhibits his work, and CVA is very pleased to offer a viewing of this unique and talented artist’s work.

Wed. - Sat. 1 PM to 6 PM through Sept. 21, Free, Calle Larga 3 - 82 y Vargas Machuca in the Santa Canela Buiding, Cuenca.

Janda:  099 082 9166. Call after: 10 AM.