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Recommendation for Dr. Santiago Romo, medical doctor

I had extensive back surgery about 18 years ago and was told to expect the results to last 15 years or so. I started to again experience back pain a couple of years ago, sometime excruciating and debilitating. We’d heard that Dr. Romo had a treatment using ozone – but not involving surgery.

We were planning a trip to the US and I was dreading the travel and the thought of carrying heavy suitcases.

We met with Dr. Romo and he arranged for a complete MRI that afternoon. The next day he came to our condo and showed us the x-rays and told me that he’d had good results with patients with my symptoms. I agreed to a series of ozone treatments prior to our trip to the US. It took 3 treatments to feel some positive results, but after the 6th treatment, I traveled to the States and experienced no pain which made the trip very enjoyable.

I’ve had 4 follow up treatments since returning from our trip and am amazed that this non-invasive treatment can give such great results.

I suggest you contact Dr. Romo to see if he might be able to help relieve your back pain.

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