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Recommendation for Cheap Cuenca Rentals, Real Estate

Describe your experience it says. Well...

It was an amazing experience getting to know Mary and Uvaldo. We moved to Cuenca this summer and got a fancy apartment directly in front of Old Town Cuenca. And directly in front of Av. 12 de Abril...So basically what many people dream of. But we soon found out that we didn´t escape noisy crowded Hamburg to find us in front of one of the loudest streets Cuenca has to offer. We started dreaming about what we saw all along travelling Ecuador the month before we settled here in Cuenca: Hills, woods, silence and local people. We started dreaming about a house with a huge garden for the two of us and our two dogs. As I said - we started dreaming. I mean, we just moved here and were hoping to find something maybe in a year.

And then we met Mary and Uvaldo. And they took over. Showed us some great places and finally brought us together with our new host. And now with their help and translation and everything we signed our new contract and move into our dreamhouse in November.

They were the most helpful people. Uvaldo speaks German, Dutch and English besides Spanish of course. And he and Mary never hesitated to ask our hosts whatever we wanted to know and helped negotiating the new contract a lot. We still stay in contact for they offered their help also in furnishing the house, getting a used car, etc. And, of course, we stay in contact to invite them to our housewarming party. I mean, they were not only helpful but at all very nice and friendly people - and they loved our dogs. And so did they.

So what an experience...

Address: Cheap Cuenca Rentals, Mary Wingo, Uvaldo Alvear

Contact information: 099 707 2884, USA 1 325 515 4103

Recommended by Frederik Mohr: