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Hello again to everyone in Cuenca, My hubby needs to see a really good, competent, podiatrist. We have IESS but they do not have one. They keep sending him to a dermatologist. All they keep giving him is creams and medication pills. It just doesn't work. He has serious fungus problems with his toe nails. But, worst problem is that he has bone spurs or something like that on the bottom of his feet. It is very difficult for him to walk. I need to find someone, podiatrist, who knows what they are talking about and what can be done. In the past, when we lived in Sacramento, CA. they would cut the growths out and everything was great. I cannot find anyone to do something like this. I know we will have to look outside of IESS. That is fine, I just need someone to give me some direction on who would be the best to contact. So, please, help me with any information you have. Name, phone contact, address, etc. Any assistance or suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Bill Moen: 095 976 6431. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca