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Looking for a one of a kind experience in Cuenca?

When it comes to awesome adventures and experiences for visitors in our lovely Cuenca, although it may seem there aren’t many options, you are very wrong, there are...

When you get to Downtown Cuenca, you’ll find yourself surrounded by so much beauty, uniqueness and the smell of fresh air. As you walk around the city you'll soon find a cozy, friendly and peaceful place to enjoy a cup of coffee, our Amedeo Chocolate & Coffee Bistro, where you will experience what experts say is some of the most complex heirloom and single estate chocolate in the world. Just think for free, you and your friends and family will be able to sample most all of our chocolate bars and truffles.

After that experience, take a look at our new Amedeo Bistro menu and order some of the best hot chocolate in the world or some of our simply fantastic coffee which is single estate high-altitude 100% Arabica; or select from any of our 11 world class and delicious desserts.

When you first bite into any of our bars, you’ll know there is nothing like it... We’ll give you a brief explanation of how we do our chocolate, but don’t just take our word for it.

Don’t miss the chance to have an amazing experience for you and your loved ones, friends or coworkers as we offer tours where you’ll learn about the history of cacao in Ecuador and the process that goes on before our specially selected cacao beans reach Amedeo Chocolate.

Factory Tours:
For an hour and a half, we’ll walk you through the history of chocolate in Ecuador then our chocolate making process with some roasting and machine demos from bean to finished chocolate bar. You will also learn about the different types of chocolate, their ingredients, and their origins… All of this while indulging in our fine chocolate bars, our special recipe of hot chocolate along with our artisan Egyptian marshmallows, you will also sample our special truffles in a unique way, perhaps similar to a wine tasting or wine pairing, during each tour prepared especially for you by one of our chefs, chocolate maker and chocolatier.

All of the products we have in stock will be available for purchase at the factory. We have a 10 person minimum and only for $20 per person.

This is a one of a kind tour from the happiest place on earth… Make your reservation now.

If you have any questions about your reservation, please feel free to contact us at:
+593 098 721 7969

Chocolate, Desserts, Bistro Menu
Amedeo Chocolate Shop
Benigno Malo 5-75 y Calle Larga

Tours: (By reservation only)
Amedeo Chocolate/Laboratory and Factory
Las Gaviotas y Las Golondrinas
Edificio Therapy Spa - Suite 2

Tours: Thursdays or Fridays, Benigno Malo 5-75 between Juan Jaramillo and Calle Larga

Amedeo Chocolate: