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InkTober for teenagers

Youth Art Program -- InkTober at idiomART!

All 5 Mondays in October.

5 to 7 PM

Ages from 13 to 18.

Instructor: Daniel Williams

What is Inktober?

Inktober is a month-long art challenge created by artist Jake Parker that is focused on improving skill and developing positive drawing habits. Every day for the month of October anyone participating in the Inktober challenge creates an ink drawing. The subject of the drawing can be of an artist’s personal choice or artists can follow a prompt list found on the official InkTober website. Ideally, these drawings are shared each day via social media accounts, but an online presence is not required to complete the challenge.

What will the class focus on?

Daniel’s class will focus on using various inking tools (e.g. brushes, markers, pens, etc.) to create finished, inked pieces. Inking is the process of bringing a drawing to a finished state using ink as a final medium. This technique is used by most comic book artists and many illustrators. Students will meet for all five Mondays of October. Each class, after a brief lesson on how to use the tools, students will ink a piece of artwork based off of the prompt of the day found on Jake Parker’s Inktober website (we strongly advise that students come prepared with a reference photo printed out or saved to their phones if possible). On Wednesday, October 31st, in the spirit of Halloween, we will have an exhibition where students can show off their Inktober artwork.

October 1st – Ballpoint Pens

The ballpoint pen is an underestimated tool in the artist’s arsenal of supplies. In this class, students will cover the full range of the pen’s potential while learning the basics of line variation, hatching, and more.

Materials: Cardstock Paper/Pencils/Erasers/Ballpoint Pens

October 8th – High Contrast Drawings

Many artists fear ink, operating under the misconception that it is the most unforgiving medium. In this class we will challenge that notion by learning to ink large areas of shadow by blocking in dark areas with marker.

Materials: Cardstock Paper/ Pencils/Erasers/Black Markers/Sharpies

October 15th – Inking with Brushes

Inking with a paintbrush is a fluid experience and is the meeting of drawing and painting (think eastern calligraphy). Students will learn to taper lines and render using a brush and inkwell.

Materials: Cardstock Paper/Pencils/Erasers/Small Round Brushes/Pelikan Ink

October 22th – Ink Washes

Did you know that you can paint with ink? It’s surprisingly similar to watercolor. In this class, students will learn how to paint with ink and brushes

Materials: Watercolor Paper/Pencils/Erasers/Watercolor Brushes/Water/Pelikan Ink

October 29th – Combining Tools

In this class, we will be combining the tools and techniques we’ve learned to create a finished work.

Material: Watercolor Paper/Pencils/Round Brushes/Pelikan Ink/Black Markers/Sharpies/Water/Watercolor Brushes

October 31st – Final Art Exhibition


The course is one day per week for five weeks, Monday, from 5 to 7 PM.

$15 per session. Material and supplies will NOT be provided, we suggest each student get their own drawing journal, markers, etc. to continue practicing outside of class time. idiomART has a few art supplies available for purchase at the studio.

No payment for the October 31st exhibition.

For those who initially sign up and pay for all of October's sessions, a 10% discount is given, so the course would be $54 for five weeks.

Otherwise, the cost is $15 each week. Payment is desired before the beginning of the session.

Course has limited spots -- reservation desired.

Email to arrange cash or Paypal payment.

idiomART Studio is located at 5-92 Manuel Vega y Juan Jaramillo, in el Centro. Every Monday in October, 5 to 7 PM