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Guide to renting cheap places to live (how to not get screwed): Part 2

I help people find good, cheap places to live. I know that a lot of expats here in Cuenca are on very limited budgets and desperately need a low-cost place to live, as well as cheap furniture and appliances. Well, I can save you many hundreds, if not thousands---a year. I have shared a few of my own experiences on how to not get screwed on rent from my post last week here:

I know that a lot of people arrive here frazzled, exhausted, and just wanting a secure place to live. Although some folks may have different perspectives, many wayyyyyyyyyyy overpay by getting furnished places to live for the long term. While this might be a great strategy for a few months while you get settled, you very well could be needlessly spending $2000-$4000 extra dollars a year.

This could easily cover your food budget or health insurance, or just mean the difference between living a middle-class life style here and just scraping by. Hell, a lot of us did that already back home---why do we want to struggle again here?

So a solution is to get something super-cheap, unfurnished, and to furnish it with cheap appliances and furnishings. Although there are some fine consignment and second hand places to consider, we have alternative methods of getting you your stuff very, very cheap, saving you $1000s right off the bat. That way, when or if you decide to move, you can always recoup a big part of your investment. Selling here on GringoPost is a great idea!

Living well is not living expensively. I have lived here a long time, and I have managed to get some really nice and cheap places. The current nice place I have living here in the heart of El Centro is only $160, with light and water included---and the landlady is awesome! I can do the same for you too.

Some more considerations:

With a cheap apartment, you may want to paint the place if you so desire, as many places under $250 need little things like that. If you are getting something for a really good price, then you can justify the cost of a good painter or repair guy $25 to $40 a day (8 hours plus lunch). And the same is true with those damned hanging light bulbs. You can go to Coral Central get cheap covers and have someone install them for you for a few dollars.

The thing to really keep in mind when getting a place to live that is super economical is comfort, security, and lack of noise. Another thing to keep in mind is how cool your landlord is. Nothing is worth dealing with a psycho landlord! Trust me, I have had my fair share!

All the properties that I find for my clients, are ones that I would live in myself. So I find the good deals, I usually talk the owners down 10 to 30%, and I make sure that everything is secure and that the plumbing and lights work. This is something that is sometimes a challenge even in more expensive, so-called modern properties. I also carefully screen the personalities of the landlords, so that no "crazy" problems arise later!

So there you have it! You can secure a nice little place for an unbelievable price, but be prepared to do a little fixing up if it is important to you.

On the other hand, say you are living in a modern place, but you are way over paying. I can help you find an awesome place at a killer deal. There is a good chance that you are overpaying by $100-$400 or possibly much, much more per month.

My fees generally work one of two ways. On my website (please click the banner at at the bottom of my website) or email me, the property fees are all paid by the landlords. So not only are these low cost, they are free for you, the tenant.

However, if you are needing something very specific that is not listed in the properties that I come across, consider paying my fees yourself. This opens up a world of opportunity in that I could probably negotiate a far superior property at a price that would cover those fees in just a few months. I make sure that all my properties are safe, secure, and most importantly, drama-free for my clients.

I am talking saving a lot of money. A boatload of dinero!

So, I guess this is about all I want to talk about today. I know a lot of folks here have very limited incomes, and I feel really good about the work I do to help people out. Give me a yell toda.

Cuenca, Ecuador.

Mary Wingo: 099 707 2884 or USA 1 325 515 4103