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Early wIthdrawal of CD

After wonderful years in Ecuador, we are moving back to the States for a new job. We have had money in a CD for many of the years that we have lived here. We were told by our attorney that if we needed the money for any reason, an early withdrawal or closure of a CD was no problem. We went today to close out and were told that only for emergencies like death or severe illness could one close and get their money. For us, it is an emergency as we are leaving in two weeks and we are under contract for a house in our new location. We need our money and we need it quickly. We were told to come back Monday after some supervisor somewhere could be reached to find out if they could close our CD. Has anyone out there had any experience with closing out a CD early? I know how CDs work and that we signed a contract and would pay some penalties for early withdrawal, but can they legally withhold our money from us? I'd appreciate anyone with knowledge of the law here. Thanks,

Cassie McClellan