GringoPost | Ecuador: Cuenca Bagels mourns two greats this week and the ending of our sale

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Cuenca Bagels mourns two greats this week and the ending of our sale

Monday the 24th was the day Dr. Seuss passed away, September 1st is the anniversary of the death of Edgar Allen Poe. Although we can deliver your sale purchase on Monday, Sunday is the last day you can take advantage of our sale.

With Dr. Seuss in mind.....

One bagel, two bagels
Onion/garlic bagel, Parmesan bagel,
Chocolate bagel, Tilsit bagel
Old bagel, new bagel
This Cranberry Walnut raises the bar,
Would Cranberry/Almond be going too far?
Say, what a lot of bagels there are.
Yes some are garlic and some are plain
Some are old and some are new
Some unusual, some standard,
And some are very, very rad.
Why unusual, standard, and rad?
I don’t know go ask Cuenca Bagels

To celebrate a return to baking, orders for either 125 gram or 150 gram bagels received through the web page by September 30th will receive a 25% discount.

Cuenca Bagels is the only baker of authentic New York bagels here in Cuenca. We only bake to order. Take advantage of our program to earn free bagels. If, over the previous 12 months, you have placed an order five times (same amount, same size) your sixth order is free. Whether you order a dozen 125 gm. bagels every week, or five 100 gram bagels once a month, the sixth order is free. So far this year fifteen people have earned a free order.

Your cost/bagel w/ 6th baker’s dozen order free

100 gram Baker's dz. 69¢ ea. w/ 6th free >>> 58¢ ea. save 15%
125 gram Baker's dz. 92¢ ea. w/ 6th free >>> 77¢ ea. save 16%
150 gram Baker's dz. $1.15 ea. w/ 6th free >>> 96¢ ea. save 16.5%

Miss those breakfast bagels? Introducing Bagels Light.

Get that great bagel taste with our 100 gram size. Only 2/3 the size of our 150 gram New York size bagel. These come either 5 for $4 or 13 for $9.

Our bagels are made with no preservatives. We pack them in heat sealed bags to preserve freshness. Free local delivery on orders over $25.

Voted "GringoPost Best of Cuenca 2017 and 2018". Contact us on Facebook, by email or through our web page,

After 1 PM daily, Presidente Cordova y Padre Aguirre