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Contact me today if you are tired of being ripped-off on rent

I know that a lot of people arrive here frazzled, exhausted, and just wanting a secure place to live. Although some folks may have different perspectives, many way overpay by getting...ahem...."Gringoed".

I help people save 1000s a year getting them cheap places to live. All the properties that I find for my clients, are ones that I would live in myself. So, I find the good deals, many times by bicycle or foot. I usually talk the owners down 10 to 30%, and I make sure that everything is secure and that the plumbing and lights work. In all, I have some groovy cribs in safe, clean, and quiet places from $140-$650. These are all F-R-E-E with no fees whatsoever.

Do understand that we painstakingly "evaluate" a lot of....well, how shall we say...."crummy" places in order to get you the absolute best. It is weird that of the bizarre properties we come across, many of which are really expensive---but still not great for rentals. Anyway, we know that this is a daunting process, and this is why we started this service. I also carefully screen the personalities of the landlords, so that hopefully no "crazy" problems arise later.

I can also house-hunt, get you home inspections, and get you super-cheap used furniture and appliances. Some people just need an ear for their anxiety of being in a new country and I try to help with that too. Some people need contacts, and I can help with that. (The last two items are also free of charge).

Anyway, you can visit me at my cheap blog at:

...and browse around right there on the homepage. Be sure to click the GringoPost Banner at the bottom, as these understated folks here really work hard to provide us such a great platform at no charge.

I am talking saving a lot of money. A boatload of dinero! Maybe even a hemorrhoid or two, if you know what I mean.

So I guess this is about all I want to talk about today. I know a lot of folks here have very limited incomes, and I feel really good about the work I do to help people out. Contact me today.
Free! Cuenca new roommate and house share exchange

Well, after a lot of requests for facilitating roommate and how share situations, I have decided to open up a page dedicated to people who are looking for like-minded roommate situations. The service is totally free and anybody can post their needs at any time.

Be sure to check the box for receiving email notifications should you wish to get updates without having to visit the page all the time. This is a community service and I hope you guys benefit from it greatly!

Cuenca, Ecuador.

Mary Wingo, Ph.D.: 099 707 2884, US 1 325 515 4103