GringoPost | Ecuador: Clark’s leather shoes 8.5 narrow (I had two pairs)

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Clark’s leather shoes 8.5 narrow (I had two pairs)

Brand new Clark’s, Ultralight collection with cushion technology. I had these shoes before and ordered them again. I was so sure they would work, I told my friend bringing them from the US to throw away the box. Little did I know they had sent me the wrong size. I had ordered 8.5M and was sent 8.5 narrow. So, if you wear narrow shoes, 8.5, you are in luck. I am selling them for half of what I paid for.

See attached pics, they are super comfortable and they go with anything, pants or skirts. I am asking $35. You can look for this model and see how much I paid for them. It's a bargain.

Paola Wilkinson: 098 203 6787. Call Noon.

City: Cuenca