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What is Grounding 5

Continuing with our series, What is Grounding? Today I'll be talking about the most common electrical problems in a house. Lights flickering, outlets sparks, circuit breaker shuts off frequently, getting shock from touching an outlet or a switch. Hot outlet or switch.

Lights flickering - it occurs when there is a power draw from an appliance or another large device. But it might be an indication the wiring has been installed with the polarity reversed. Or it could be a loose wire that needs care.

Outlet sparks - outlets do this for a number of reasons. A sudden surge of power from the appliance been plugged in. Frayed wires that are connected in the outlet housing especially in older homes, this is most commonly known as arc. Arc is not limited to the outlet it could be caused by extension wires or wires in the appliances, or old wires behind the walls or in the attic, etc.

Circuit breaker shuts off frequently - Again there are a number of reasons for this problem but the most common is overloading, meaning that there are too many appliances or equipment plugged in the same circuit. Per example if all the devices connected to the same circuit draws 30Amps on a 20A breaker the breaker will trip in about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the breaker manufacturer but it is pretty much standard, now if in the same circuit there are devices drawing over 45A then the breaker will trip much sooner in about 2 to 5 minutes. The breaker has limits for a reason one of them is to prevent fires so be on the lookout for these issues.

Getting shock from an outlet or switch - If you get a shock from walking over the living room carpet and or when you touch the bathroom door knob this is usually just static electricity nothing to worry about. But if you happen to get shock frequently from touching a light switch or an outlet then these are signs that there might be something more serious in the wiring behind the switch or outlet and this needs to be taking care of.

Hot outlet or switch - if there is heat been generated in the outlet or switch then this is an indication there are wiring issues or the outlet or switch needs to be replace, this is a very serious problem and needs to be look at urgently.

There are many more electrical problems that I can write about but these are things I have experienced more often. If you have any questions regarding this and other electrical issues please feel free to ask and I will answer your questions as soon as I can.

Just a reminder: I offer free ground electrical inspections at your dwelling as a service to the community and there is no charge.

My company name has recently changed. It is now called; Blackberry Electric.

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