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Venezuelan Family in crisis in Cuenca

Calling all hands. You may have seen my posts about Saira and her 2 Kids Edder, 14 and Shaina, 12. They fled Venezuela in the last 10 months. She is a single mom, and not only is she struggling to feed her 2 children here in Cuenca, she is trying to send home money to 2 other of her children aged 19 and 20. It is estimated that 1000 people a week are dying of starvation in Venezuela at the moment. She was lucky to find a spot to stay in exchange for house cleaning and Laundry for the first 6-7 months. That gentleman moved to another city so since then she has been in a precarious situation without sufficient funds to rent an apartment. We put them up for the last few months, but, I am violating my lease by doing so, so that is not a long term solution. Plus we only had one bedroom available for the 3 of them to share. She is now house sitting for a good friend of mine but that ends on the 8th of Sept.

So, I know how many of you out there want to make an impact and help somebody. Well, here is what they need. She currently has developed a kidney infection and I have helped pay what I can, but she needs more testing and some medications. She had to leave work yesterday early in gross pain, so she may be off work for a week or two while she tries to regain her health. Medical expenses should not exceed $200 from what I can see at least at this time. The treatment is free, but she has to pay for echo gram / sonograms and medicines. Another $100-200 to keep them eating during this phase where she is in too much pain to work. Also, 1-2 more mattresses and any other furniture you can donate will help. I have already chipped in what I could to help get the first sonogram but she needs more testing including another sonogram after the treatments and I simply can’t afford to bear the burden alone as I have a wife and 3 kids myself.

In a perfect world if 1-5 people stepped up to the plate and say, I will commit $30-$50 a month for the next 12 months, then perhaps we could help her stabilize her family. It’s a really scary time for them as she is currently employed for roughly 30 hours a week and can scrape by as long as the rent is free but with the kidney infection she is losing some work do to the debilitating pain she is in.
We can receive donations to help in person or by paypal.

We have been really close with them as my kids are 11 and 13 and hers are 12 and 14 and they are just a dear family and I will do anything I can to help, but they need more help to get on their feet than I can muster or I wouldn’t be putting out this “all hands on deck” cry for help.

Contact me by phone or email and let me know if you can help in any way.

This country seems to care for its poor for the most part, but with the immigrant crisis in full swing, I need concerned gringos and Cuencanos to help create a safety net. We can't help everyone but maybe we can help someone.

Bodhi Kroll: 095 906 0381. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca