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Universidad del Adulto, Mayor - University for Seniors

Who are we?
The University for Seniors is a continuing education institution for seniors founded in Cuenca five years ago. As a pilot project, the UAM was the first university for seniors in Ecuador and one of the first in Latin America. Its vision is to become a benchmark nationally and internationally for its academic quality, creativity and innovation. Above all, however, it aims to become a dynamic force enabling senior citizens to contribute to society.

The UAM aims to provide a venue for seniors to continue academic and non-academic learning, as well as skills development, which will enable them to confront the natural aging process in an active, healthy, productive and inclusive manner, with both success and dignity.

The academic program comprises three modules of courses (4 levels), for example, gerontology, quality of life, and electronic communication. All classes are taught in Spanish by professional teachers.

The informal, non-academic workshops this semester include:
English (4 levels), Spanish (if sufficient demand)
singing and guitar instruction
memory stimulation
tai chi, and

All workshop instructors are Spanish speakers, however, knowledge of Spanish is not necessary for participation in these workshops. A bilingual interpreter may also be present in certain workshops.

The UAM also has a choir, which anyone can join.

The UAM has 2 semesters annually of approximately 4 months each. Registration is now open for the next semester, which begins in September.

Location and contact information
Universidad del Adulto Mayor
Estévez de Toral 9-53, between Gran Colombia y Bolívar
Tel.: (Spanish) 285 0471 - 098 326 5232
(English) Doris Wagner 096 821 8359

Academic program
Semester registration fee $50.
Monthly fee for 3 courses $60.

Semester Registration Fee $20.
Monthly fee per workshop
English $20.
Tai Chi $25.
All others $10.

Doris Wagner: 096 821 8359. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca