GringoPost | Ecuador: Theft by couple in restaurant on Calle Larga

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Theft by couple in restaurant on Calle Larga

We ate lunch at a tiny restaurant, El Santo, on Calle Larga today between 12:30 and 2 PM. I hung my bag on my chair between my husband and I and, across from our friends. I took my phone out of my bag during lunch on one occasion. So, the bag was still there almost until lunch was complete. While we were eating, another couple was also in the small, 3 table restaurant. They were in their 60s or 70s. He had curly white, grey hair. They were slender...not heavy. He was wearing a baseball cap. She had long hair; past the shoulders. They left they the restaurant 5 minutes or less, before we. We got up to go and I realized they took the bag. I am pretty furious about the brazen slippery fingers of these horrible people. I locked my iPhone, called credit cards and banks. It’s just an inconvenience. My cash is gone too. I had some makeup too. Ugh. Be aware--

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City: Cuenca