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Support Midwifery in the Jungle

This GoFundMe request is a response to all the pregnant women coming to Vilcabamba, Ecuador to birth their babies.

I was shocked when I first arrived in 2015, pregnant, believing that the local women here would be birthing naturally with indigenous midwives. What I found was that the majority of Ecuadorian women were running to the hospital for a C-section like it was the 'in' thing that is here to stay (like skin tight jeans, high heels, or the mobile phone)! I quickly learned to not tell anyone I intended to have a home birth due to the sheer shock I’d find on their faces, followed by “concerned” fear mongering—how it was so dangerous to not be in the hospital and the re-telling of scary stories of other women whose home births had gone wrong.

During the next two years I went on to support many expat and traveling women with peaceful homebirths after my own successful, unassisted homebirth. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I left Vilcabamba for the UK in 2017. Since leaving I have received several requests asking me to return to assist in homebirths here. In addition, the need for training and education for other women in Vilcabamba became apparent so that a larger group of skilled women might be equipped and available to respond to the birthing needs of the women living here or just passing through.

This year, 2018, I succumbed to their requests. I arrived in Vilcabamba in June on a one-way ticket, dedicated to educating and training these women. I desperately want to see a network of caregivers being able to facilitate safe homebirths, and in doing so, bridge the gap between the local Vilcabambans and the expat community.

I am writing to you today because I would like for this educating journey to begin with me in the Ecuadorian jungle, where I can learn the ways of indigenous midwives. I want to know exactly what to do when there is no medical team for back up, no hospital for C-section, and no stitches for tears. I want to learn how to respond to neonatal death and watch and learn from the mothers who did not go to university or train in a hospital, but who intuitively know exactly what to do, when, and how to do it, and have been doing it since humans procreated upon mother earth.

I have teamed up with three other women who also share the same desire to learn and to teach. These women will journey alongside me, introducing me to their contacts in the Amazonas, translating from Spanish to English and vice versa, and documenting our process.

We have just 7 days to raise $5000 to make this dream a reality.

The money will cover all of our travel expenses (plane, bus, taxi), our food, board, and include a donation to the various projects we will visit. We plan to visit five midwifery projects, including the Amupakin and Casa de LA Vida, communitary Midwives in NAPO.

We are going there to learn with an aim to bring back what we have learned and share with a wider community of women wanting to be a trained first response for pregnant women. We know ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ and for this reason we will respond as a group of caregivers, so we are not only supporting a healthy pregnancy, but also a 'nonviolent', (Robin Lim) peaceful birth and excellent, much needed, post-natal care. We are also giving these women community. They arrive as strangers and remain as friends.

Please will you support us in our endeavors?


Thank you for listening.

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