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Recommendation for Nestor Reinoso, transport

Nestor Reinoso picked us up in Quito and drove us to Cuenca two days ago. On some future day we will be accustomed to the fog in the Andes, the high terrain and the deep drops and not seeing more than a car-length ahead, but until then we will wish to hire a driver we are very sure of. Nestor drives safely and seems to see a little way through the fog when I do not. As well, he arrived on time to the minute, speaks English, chose a nice almuerzo place for us, selected baƱos along the way that, um, were suitable, and stopped the van for snacks, coffee, etc. whenever we wished.

The reason we did not invite anyone to join is that we had about thirty suitcases and bags of souvenirs acquired in Quito. So it was a concern how they would be moved from van to new home - Nestor was absolutely insistent that he saw it as his job to get all that stuff into our new place, however many bags up or down however many stairs. We offered to pay but he absolutely insisted and clarified that no payment was due for this, that we could add money if we wanted but if we had been too poor to do that he would have treated us and cared for us to journey’s end, just the same. Absolutely firm about that.

Strong recommendation for Nestor Reinoso as a kind, very skilled driver, who speaks English, arrives on time, and made the journey safe and very pleasant.

Note: This is a legal safe transportation services authorized by the Ministry of Tourism.

Ecuador. 096 742 1444
WhatsApp. 099 623 9495
USA. (914) 320 5429

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: Ecuador.... 096 742 1444 WhatsApp. 099 623 9495 USA. (914) 320 5429

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