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Recommendation for Mimi Phoebe, Black Pearl Bodywork

I'd like to recommend this wonderfully therapeutic Bodywork offered by Mimi. I had my first session a few days ago and greatly appreciated the healing and relaxation I received. The bodywork was both incredibly relaxing, and at times challenging as it bought out stored energies that needed to come out. Mimi has a wonderful gentle but firm touch, it felt like a mini-vacation. Here's some more info on the Black Pearl Bodywork:

The main focus is to remove old stress & traumatic energies that are held within the body. The 'amygdala' is a place in the brain that these negative emotional energies gets stored. Once a session is experienced, the amygdala shrinks into a tiny 'black pearl'. The technique is 32 power points, that release these stored feelings. Afterwards, it is a wonderful feeling of peace, relaxation and joy.

This therapy works on your nervous, parasympathetic, sympathetic and neurovascular systems as well as your amygdala. A delightful combination of meridian clearing and energy healing, it releases deep-seated traumas and stress from these systems. When these systems are stress free, the amygdala shrinks and becomes like a black pearl, hence the name.

When working with the amygdala (which controls anti-anxiety, anti-fear), it then activates your advanced positive emotions. Points that will be awakened and switched on, will then release the negative and turn on the positive aspects… some examples are:

~ Liver…self-doubt, anger.
~ Circulation…panic, inability to protect.
~ Lymphatic Point…stress, overwhelm.
~ Gallbladder…worries.
~ Kidney…fears.
~ Spleen…returning to self.

Here are some deeper benefits one can expect with having Black Pearl treatments:
It releases deep-seated traumas & stress from the amygdala (almond-shaped groups of neurons located deep within the medial temporal occipital lobes of the brain) which works on the parasympathetic, sympathetic & neurovascular systems. It performs a primary role in the processing & memory of emotional reactions, the formation & storage of memories with emotional events & fear responses (such as freezing, immobility), tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), increased respiration & stress-hormone release.

Black Pearl Points of Interest:
releases ways our flow in life was stopped.
releases congested energy caused by sitting for long periods of time, wearing a belt or snug waistbands.
releases congested or blocked sexual energy a/o abuse and trauma.
releases congested intellectual knowledge that prevents from tapping into true wisdom, opening 3rd eye & sets focus.
restores blood flow and gets the electrolytes circulating throughout the brain.
opens up all the neurovascular holding points.
completes the central and governing meridian circuitry and quiets the client down.
influences brain activity (3rd eye).
helps deal with being obsessed about something (spleen).
helps deal with the emotion of bitterness (gallbladder).
helps deal directly with the emotions of rage a/o injustice, and things you can’t stomach (stomach).
helps deal directly with the emotions of self-disappointment and self-anger (liver).
connects the heart of God (crown chakra) with your heart (heart chakra).
taps into a natural rhythm the fetus experienced inside the Mother’s womb. This rhythm stays with us and is an easy way to reset the nervous system, calm the body and shift emotional patterns.
calms the kidney meridian and grounds the ‘balancing’ and ‘healing’ energies (kidney).
uses Triple Warmer to ease trauma, calm stress/shakiness, bounce back from chronic insomnia or fatigue, helps ADD & ADHD.

This Black Pearl Technique, is based on the research of Neil Slade (re: the Amygdala)

Address: Cuenca, close to SuperMaxi , Las Americas

Contact information:

Recommended by Hayley Jacqueline: