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Recommendation for Carly Encarnacion, real estate agent

I went to Cuenca recently on a house hunting trip. Before I went, I contacted a number of different agents and agencies, inquiring both about specific rental houses and in general, whether they had any suitable properties to show me. Aside from one appointment to see one house managed by an agency, Carly was the only person who got back to me. She responded right away, telling me about three very different properties and offering to show them to me so I would have an idea of what was available and could see how I felt about the locations, sizes and prices of the houses.

The agency made me go to their office, where the person who was to show me the property gave me a brief hello, then went back to his computer. When he was ready, we went to the house by taxi, which I was asked to pay for. That house was dark and dingy and not at all 'remodeled and up to date' as they had promised. The furnishings and equipment were minimal and very well used. The house was on a very noisy street right next to an auto repair shop, which had trucks parked in front of it, and from which loud music was blaring out to the street. No other houses were offered for me to look at. When the showing was over, the agent got into a cab and left me to find my own way back to my hotel.

Another person wanted $10 per hour to show me some houses, which I never even got information about or photos of. I saw a house here on GringoPost I thought was interesting. That agent didn't respond to my email. I ended up having to call him from Canada to schedule an appointment.

By contrast, Carly picked me up in a cab in front of my hotel. All three houses she took me to were great picks. Carly was enthusiastic and energetic. Nothing was too much trouble for her. She showed two of the places to me a second time, acted as interpreter, never pushed me towards one place or another, and even offered a fourth house located on the outskirts of Cuenca, if I wasn't happy with what I saw.

Once I decided on a house, Carly negotiated the price downwards for me, and got all utilities included in the price. Carly came with the owner of the house and me to the lawyer's office and then to the notary, again, acting as interpreter. When the deal was done, she told me to contact her once I moved to Cuenca, if I ever had any problems or needed her help.

One of the other agents I dealt with made some negative remarks about Carly when he learned she had shown me some houses. Carly, by contrast, never did anything but act professionally, with competence and extreme efficiency. She listened to what I told her, had the empathy or sympathy or tact to figure out my needs, and did everything she could to fulfil them.

I love my house and feel so lucky that I contacted Carly (in the first instance about a house I wasn't even particularly interested in - just desperate at that point for someone to respond). I would strongly urge anyone who is looking for a property in Cuenca, whether rental or sale, to contact Carly first. She is an absolute gem.


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