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Please help Venezuelan lady with two children

My husband and I have been helping this family. The lady (I want to keep her name private at this time) really needs a job. She only speaks Spanish but has a great resume. She has many skills. I have used Google translate to be able to post this information. If you know of anyone who needs these skills, please let me know. Also, if you have any suggestions for me to help her, I would appreciate it. My Spanish is extremely limited. Thank you.

Academic data:
Bachelor of Science
Realized Courses:
Executive Secretary, Basic Accounting, Business Administration, Administrative Assistant.
Office 2010, Windows XP, 7 and 8.1 .; Word, Excel, Powerpoint, paint, others.
Professional experience:
Private Educational Unit Colegio Mano Amiga La Montaña
Cashier 2006-2009
Ing. Joaquín Aguirre-0412-7300457
Functions of the position: Collections of schooling and delinquency of students, attention to the public, reconciliation of weekly and monthly cash, billings, monitoring and control of visits to the institution, distribution and filing of receipts to staff, preparation of graphics and various formats for controls interns ed administration and office, design, preparation and binding of teacher planning notebooks and other functions assigned to it in terms of their competence.

Secretary of Management: 2009-2010
Arq. Rosa Casale
Functions of the position: Control of address agenda, attention to the public, inscriptions and reinscripciones of the alumnado, withdrawals of students, elaboration of memos and internal circulars and others. Control and archive of student documentation, organization of important school events together with other departments and other functions assigned to him in terms of his competence.

Technical Management Assistant-2010-2014
Prof. Ángela Correa
Functions of the position: Management of the EDUDATES program with what is elaborated: baccalaureate and primary school records, income and formal retreats, certification of grades, process of issuance of documents probatory of studies, know and process the requests of probatory documents of studies, maintain the study control file.
Know and process the application for registration and renewal of the school, process applications for legalization of documents, degrees, certificates of basic education up to 9th grade, titles and certificates of all students at the end of the school year, final summary and other forms for be presented to the Ministry of Education.
Requests for final summary formats (to empty the notes), title formats, title registration sheets, modification of the registration, certified notes and request for urgent titles; Receive, organize and file the final summary forms of each school year; Verification of grades of the students for their certification, design, preparation and binding of teacher planning notebooks.
Attention to the public, when the intervention of the user is needed so that it offers better information regarding the study data. , the other functions assigned to it in terms of its competence.

Bolívar, Universal Bank. Office of Employees
José Gregorio Tineo. Proxy 509. Phone: 0212-9534622
Position: Receptionist 2001-2004
Cargo functions: Reception, attention to the public, control of calls, control and organization of files. Bank reconciliations of the different associated accounts. Control of accounts payable and receivable. Procurement control. Reception and sending of correspondence. Control of internal and external messaging. Payroll processing. Billings.

Susan Moore Vault: 098 083 4851. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca