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Organic red wine sale

Hello Everyone, We have red wine from Spain, called viña tomilla. This wine has the denomination of origin of the stain, and the organic certificate. This wine is stored at a stable temperature of about 15° C (never lower than 10 nor higher than 18 in a dark place (the light oxidizes the wine), lying down and not moving it. The humidity of the home cellar should have a humidity of between 60-80%. It closes to the emptiness and with a cork stopper so that it can expand, this wine is young. The wine absorbs everything around, so it must be stored in places that are not very humid and without strong odors. All bottles must lie flat and horizontal so that the cork is permanently moist.
The zepra called tempranillo:

On the nose; very fruity, typical aromas of the grape; Blackberry and strawberry
Mouth; semi-dry, fair and very pleasant for the palate
Color: Strong Ruby
Excellent tear in the cup
It is 100% organic

Elizabeth Vila: 099 987 9713. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca