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Older adult strength training with Bob Kezer #2: Muscle Loss

The big question:

“What happened to my body,” she asked. “I’m 50 and I weigh the same as when I was a fit 25, but I look overweight and out of shape.”

Sound familiar? I’ve had this conversation many times over the last 25 years.

The quick answer to what happened is that over that time the person lost between 12 and 15 pounds of lean tissue (muscle, bone, and organ) and replaced it with that amount of fat.

Their total body weight remained the same, but their percentage of body fat increased to where now they are medically obese.

And it gets worse: Your muscles are your engine, and this person is now only firing on 5 cylinders, not 8. Everything physical in life is much harder.

In general, here’s the deal:

Muscle comes in two types: Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 is aerobic (walking, etc.) and Type 2 is for lifting moderate to heavy weight, and quick reactive movements (like catching yourself from falling).

From our early 20’s on we lose about a half a pound of Type 2 muscle per year unless we are actively working to maintain it.

As we lose this muscle mass our body requires less calories, and any excess are put on as fat weight.

But it’s not that simple.

The exercise you need to maintain or regain Type 2 muscle is very different from what we do to maintain Type 1 aerobic muscle.

In other words, a person who jogs for 20 years (maintaining their Type 1 muscle) will lose as much Type 2 muscle over that time as a person playing couch potato.

The answer?

Proper progressive strength training designed to simulate the growth of Type 2 muscle tissue. And we can do this regardless of age or how out of shape a person feels they are.

Much of the lean tissue (i.e., muscle, bone, and organs) that a person loses over time from inactivity can be regained.

And along with that lean tissue comes the physical capacity and protection from injury the person enjoyed when younger.

But for this to happen your exercise has to be effective, efficient, and progressive.

We are not talking about aerobics, group classes, sports related training, or the last exercise fad to fall off the industry papaya-wagon.

Instead, done correctly we can accomplish these goals in 2-3 sessions a week of 20 – 40 minutes each.

Follow along each week and we’ll discuss further how to regain muscle we’ve lost over the years.

Contact me and I’ll send the information directly to you.

Gimnasio Fitness Club

Galáapagos 2-37 between Guayas y Remigio Tamariz

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