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Inbound sales rep

Good morning,

One of our Telecom clients in Houston called us about hiring three or four people to answer inbound sales calls from customers. This client manufactures and distributes a wall mounted space heater and their business season is from September to April so this is seasonal work.

In terms of hours, salary, training, etc…all still being discussed. The first question is whether there are folks here who would be interesting in working at something like this. At the moment, the client has said he would prefer people whose first language is English. I have suggested that we at least talk to folks who speak clear English…even if it’s with an accent…but I don’t know how that will go yet.

What we tell our clients is that you can hire a more capable, dependable person here for X dollars an hour than you could in Dallas, Denver or Houston…where he is located. Using technology we believe we can deliver the same degree of “command and control” of a “virtual” resource that an employer has in a Brick and Mortar environment…and we are doing that today with people working from their homes in Cuenca.

In terms of pricing, our concept is to come in, normally, somewhere between what the employer would pay someone in the US and what they would pay someone in India or the Philippines. So, if the job would pay $10 in Houston, we ask the client to pay $7 or $8 to someone living in Cuenca. We make 10% for handling billing and the technology so we are not getting rich…someday maybe…when the call center software is finished…we will charge a more “market” driven price.

At the moment, this is more of an effort to expand the proof of concept and to help make our other services “stickier” with existing clients of our telecom company. The only clients we are working with are ones who are already customers. So far, we have yet to make a sales call to someone other than an existing client who actual called us…but someday soon…hopefully in the next six months…maybe a year…the Call Center Platform will be finished. Then, we will be able to offer jobs to more people…assuming there are folks who want to work. That’s really the biggest question of all. Are there people here in Cuenca who would like to work at a price point somewhere between the cost of domestic labor and the “offshore” call centers in India, the Philippines and a couple of new hot spots…Jamaica and The Dominican Republic.

Anyway, if you or someone you know would be interested in working…full or part time…please feel free to send me your contact information…or give me a call. I think the minimum would be four hours a day…it really probably would not be worth training someone to work less hours than that.
By the way, the product this client is selling is a patented, wall mounted space heater that operates at .04 cents per hour to heat a 150 square foot room. One of our goals will be offering this for sale here in Cuenca. We just need to learn more about importing the units.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Good luck to us all.

Cuenca. Open

Steven Lee Feuerbacher: 095 927 9375